Sean Corvelle was born in Annapolis MD, lived half his childhood growing up in Baltimore and the other half in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was in San Francisco where he began his career in stand-up comedy. Just out of high school, he began frequenting the open-mic nights in the city’s popular comedy clubs. “I feel it was a great time and place to start my comedy career. The Bay Area was very supportive to comedians and heavily influenced in its style by the influx of seasoned professional comics coming to work there from the already established great comedy towns like New York, Chicago, and Boston.”

With his strong presence on stage, high likability factor and fresh-fun approach to humor, Sean quickly began working and became a favorite in clubs, colleges, private venues and concerts (as the opener for many prestigious music acts) through out the country. After booking a few national tv commercials he moved to Los Angeles where he continued to enjoy success working on pilots, hosting shows, and guest staring in sitcoms.

Sean was married for two years and split his time living in Sweden and working in Hollywood. “My marriage and time spent in Sweden was amazing! It broadened my perspective on life and gave me the feeling of sharing a world with people. It still has a strong influence in my work and how I live today.”

Sean now lives in Sacramento CA, and travels all over the world as the Start and Motivation Guy for Tough Mudder. “I love living close to my family and currently have the best job I’ve ever had working with Tough Mudder… and I’ve had some great jobs.”